2016 C.A.R.E. Honors Dinner

June 8, 2016

Like most Non-Profits, C.A.R.E. relies on the generosity of donors to succeed in completing its mission. However, we also note that there are several people that have gone above and beyond to not only support C.A.R.E. but helped get the entire thing started.

This year, C.A.R.E. was delighted to honor three gentlemen that for at least the past 5 years have donated and supported C.A.R.E. getting it started from nothing to the organization it is today.

Jeremy Heatley and his company MorbidStix have been with Veilside since the very first Breaking the Silence. He has donated and supported each year and finally during Breaking the Silence 6 in 2014, he donated the initial $1,000 to the Thomas Family to incorporate Chicago Autism Resource & Education.

Mark Kossak has been supporting Veilside since Breaking the Silence 3. Each year, and throughout the whole year he collects money and donates that collection to Veilside and its designated charity at the annual Breaking the Silence Event.

Mike DeAngelis along with Mark has been supporting Veilside since Breaking the Silence 3. In total they have raised over $7,000 in support of Autism Awareness and C.A.R.E.