An Advocate represents the best interests of the student in the educational process. As an advocate, C.A.R.E. will help a parent prepare for an Individual Education Plan or a 504 plan meeting, accompany parents to the meeting, and any other relevant school meeting to provide assistance and support. We will help empower and educate families, both parents and students, to strengthen their ability to help themselves.

As a special education advocate, we assist families of children with any learning concerns. Some have needs that are already identified and need clarification or support. Others are seeking advocacy support to help identify issues that may be affecting their child’s learning, such as learning disabilities and processing disorders, speech and language deficits, ADD/ADHD and sensory disorders. Other diagnoses are Autism Spectrum Disorder, brain injuries, behavioral issues, intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities.

Since each child is distinctive to their history, we will ask for background details relevant to the diagnosis. We will also discuss concerns and collaborate on a plan of action with parents/caregivers.