Alexander Leigh Center for Autism Donation

April 3, 2018

Chicago Autism Resource & Education (C.A.R.E.) was proud to work with an amazing beneficiary, Alexander Leigh Center for Autism (ALCA), to receive 40 brand new iPads to help with the further care and education of their kids that attend their amazing School. ALCA, while located in McHenry County, has a far reach in the northern Illinois area including from the Wisconsin / Illinois state line to Rockford Surrounding area, south to St. Charles to Chicago and most northern and western Illinois Suburbs. We toured the school and were very impressed with what they have done with the facility since moving in back in August 2017 from a location in Lake in the Hills and growing into it over the last 11 years.

ALCA supports over 40 kids / local families with needs ranging from care, education to independent situations including, cooking for themselves, assembly processes for local companies like, Lou Malnati's and JC Penny among others. ALCA educates kids from a young age to adulthood learning everyday tasks and independence. The kids even run a store from stocking the shelves to retailing the products in the store, food, drink and even handmade items like bracelets and bookmarks called No-L (Take the "L" off "Label" and you get "able"), giving life lessons helping the kids become self-sufficient.

The school is complete with educators and support staff for a one on one support for the kids and families. ALCA specialized classrooms include a music room, gymnasium, schoolrooms, computer IT room and more. The iPads donated by C.A.R.E. will allow the kids and staff grow more through visual and auditory programs for learning and support and has been on their “wish list” for a few years.

We appreciate all of the hard work that our team put together to secure the iPads as well as the lockncharge Joey40 security charging center secured by Board Member Shannon Bert. All Board Members contributed in securing this donation and in attendance for the delivery were Founding Members Jean and Ron Thomas, C.A.R.E. President Daniel Engel, and other attending Board members, Libby Giuntoli, Tony Engel, Becky Obos and Jim Obos.

Receiving the donation and the conducting the ALCA facility tour included Kelly Weaver, Executive Director, Pam Yocius, Director of Operations, and Lori Baker, Director of Development. We appreciate the time they spent with us and for the work they are doing in our community. Without the support of all of our Breaking The Silence: A Benefit For Autism Awareness supporters and C.A.R.E. backers this donation would have been impossible. Thank you to everyone that supports us and our event Breaking the Silence. We cannot wait to grow our relationship in years to come. Our next Breaking The Silence 10: A Benefit For Autism Awareness is on April 29th, 2018 at Durty Nellies. Please visit for all the details.

Alexander Leigh Center for Autism Mission and Goal

Helping children with autism and those that love them to THRIVE!

The goal of ALCA is to teach our students the skills necessary to achieve functional independence. We provide an environment where children on the autism spectrum can develop their potential academically, emotionally, socially, communicatively, and physically. It is our belief that addressing these characteristics through a child-centered team approach following a therapeutic, holistic, interdisciplinary model – with emphasis on generalization of skills to home and the community – provides the best practice for success.

C.A.R.E. Chicago Autism Resource Education Mission and Goal

To address, educate, coordinate, and provide information and assistance to those afflicted with autism spectrum disorder and their families. Our goal is to be the pillars of an organization working to obtain and distribute spectrum related information and education. We plan to help people, child and adult, to live more comfortably in their everyday life. C.A.R.E. wishes to help parents comprehend their strengths and challenges to aid their child in leading a better life as independently as possible. We want to enhance people’s lives through increasing public awareness, education and support.